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I want to take a moment to thank you for your continued service as the sole creative design resource for Idealliance. For over 7 years you have provided an exceptional level of service and assured that our brand was second to none. Through your work, our association maintains a professional, forward looking, and consistent brand identity in all of our communications. Beyond the level of talent you have brought to Idealliance communications, your dedication and integrity is beyond reproach. We have often asked for unreasonable turnarounds and you have continuously met that challenge without complaint. You are a pleasure to work with and thank you for your continued efforts!

Steven Bonoff
Executive Vice President, Idealliance


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Mayne is a small business with minimal staff so we rely heavily on our outsourced partnerships for graphic design and marketing support. As you can imagine we place great importance on finding competent and reliable help to give us that professional and polished image in the market place.

A few years ago we were introduced to Jodene Condotta and since that time we’ve worked closely with her on several projects including brochures, print advertisements, and point of sale materials. One of the more important tasks was the packaging overhaul for our nationwide mail post program with Lowe’s. We needed a facelift for this product, something that captured the charm and essence of our New England styling. Jodene delivered above and beyond our expectations in a timely manner. She’s a great communicator and really gives me a peace of mind especially when we are working with tight deadlines.

Jodene did an excellent job and really understood our vision.

Craig Chambers
Sales & Product Development, Mayne Inc.


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Condotta Visual Media has been working with Bentley (formerly Ivara) for over 10 years. During this time she has been our primary resource for graphic design needs. Her creative talent and dedication have provided us with powerful and impactful marketing communication solutions.

We can always depend on Jodene to deliver quality work even when given the most challenging deadlines. Her speed and attention to detail is unsurpassed and she consistently exceeds our expectations. It is our pleasure to recommend Jodene Condotta for your graphic design needs.

Sandra DiMatteo
Director, Applications Advantage, AssetWise, Bentley Systems


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Whoever first enlisted your services for French for the Future was a genius!!

I can't tell you how impressed I am with the work you do for us!! These two documents are absolutely perfect - they're in keeping with our new "branded look" ... and yet conservative enough to send to any corporation/organization while still screaming "youth". Thanks Jodene!

Gail Makila, French for the Future


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